Frameable Moments About Hero

"The simplicity and appeal was immediately evident by the enthusiastic participation and the over 600 photos that were uploaded."

When our son got married we wanted to set up a fun and easy way for everyone attending the welcome dinner and wedding to share the photos they were taking during the weekend. But how?

After checking out any available options, we reached out to a close family friend and web developer. We discussed what we wanted to do and immediately got to work on what would eventually become frameablemoments.com — a photo sharing site that could be personalized for any of life's special occasions and provide the ability for the host to welcome guests to view, upload and download images.

Everything came together very quickly, and I have to say it was a fun and exciting process. Maltertech.com developed a prototype which we tweaked and optimized until it was ready to go live.

We then had to figure out a way to let people know about the special wedding site, and the answer was twofold -- share the link with guests through the wedding couple's site, by email and texts, and, have a printable version reflecting the website and message.

With a print file generated by the site, we were able to get cards printed that included an image of the website's welcome page along with a QR code that linked people directly to our personalized website. These cards were distributed to guests as they checked into their hotel, and were also framed around the venues for each event so attendees could scan the code and access the website. Once someone visited they had the link to revisit, view and upload as often as they liked.

The simplicity and appeal was immediately evident by the enthusiastic participation and the over 600 photos that were uploaded. It also proved to be very intuitive for all users.

The high quality of photos that people can capture on their mobile devices these days is amazing, but being able to have everyone share their images has always been a hassle. Now, with Frameable Moments, all of the pictures taken from each individual's perspective can provide a depth of coverage for an event that can only be achieved by everyone being able to easily share.

After our son's wedding weekend, family and friends could not say enough about how much they loved and appreciated the idea. They also provided many great ideas, most of which are now live.

We are very proud of the photo sharing site we have created and hope that you enjoy using it for years to come to capture all of the special occasions in your life! And, when you speak with anyone about an upcoming event in their life we hope that you will tell them about Frameable Moments!

Deb Weiss, Co-Founder & CEO